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Training classrooms

Ideal for classrooms and specialized training facilities who provide any type of portable device for educational or training purposes.

The NetSpot Managing system creates a seamless path between content and device updating, restoring, and charging. It is ultra secure, unattended and just a click away.


Hospital and Health Care Center

The need for staffers instant on demand mobility in hospitals and health care clinics is ever so rising, Netspot dispenses charged up, virus free Tablets and Laptops restored to their original state, notwithstanding of the previous staffer usage.

Netspot also provides convenient entertainment to patient while recovering or waiting and gives them the ability to stay connected with their family and loved ones.



Local libraries have been providing Internet access through their Desktop PCs for years.

With NetSpot, Tablets and Laptops mobile devices can be made available for use anywhere giving more comfort and privacy to their clients.



Technology and Portable devises are becoming more important in all business environments today.

From shipping/receiving, to inventory control, and demand’s on updated training for management/personal, when it comes to adding dollars to your bottom line our NetSpot solution enables you to more efficiently manage your network of portable devices.


Airports / Bus /Train / Ships

Waiting and idle time is best used with the convenience of portable devices available on the concourse, at any terminals or at sea. NetSpot is also a prime candidate in Airline Lounges for their VIP clients.

We all have the same urge to access, our personal files, the Internet and our family members. NetSpot satisfies the need and avoids the burden of carrying extra devices on business trips and vacation abroad.


Hotel / Resorts / Business Centers

NetSpot complements the Hotels business centers with portable PC and tablets made available in the lobby or other convenient areas of the facility.

Free up your desktop space and give your clients a much improve secure, private experience enabling them to bring a Tablet or a Laptop to their room, lounge, restaurant or conference center.


Entertainment / Casinos

For the staff, the patrons and visitors, as a personal valet, for movies and    entertainment specials, Netspots communicates in real time with the end user.

It reduces cost, increases profit and securely enhances the customer experience.

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