suited for a wide range of applications

ensuring your mission critical devices are always ready for business

Aviation Sector

In the Aviation sector, the M3 Platform is an important tool which assists aircraft maintenance personnel, pilots, and in-flight attendants, with their respective activities. Airlines can easily propagate new information and deliver it to all devices in the network around the world within minutes. This ensures the latest information is available for all critical functions.

Smart Factories

With the new Industry 4.0, manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities operate with teams who continuously rely on their mobile tools to monitor equipment and perform regular maintenance tasks. M3 provides an easy solution to manage and sync up their devices to minimize downtime and ensure fluid day-to-day operations.


Digital patient records, transfers of test results, and cooperative medical care even with offsite professionals, is more easily achieved with the M3 Platform. For patients, the M3 Platform can provide a more enjoyable recovery or waiting time with devices conveniently available.


Whether used for simulation training, serious games, classroom training, document management or civil/military family applications, M3 provides a comprehensive solution for military organizations to manage their device inventory and content worldwide.

Education & Training

With the M3 Platform, devices loaned to students can easily be loaded and reloaded with different course content in a matter of minutes. Retrieve test and survey results between classes and prepare for the next batch of students with ease.