Gain operational efficiency and improve your bottom line by automating content deployment across your sites worldwide.

Outsourced deployment and maintenance of your devices to our team of skilled engineers and IT professionals.

Physically secure and charge assets during downtime and eliminate data with a clean device wipe after each use.


Simplify device management


  • Synchronize critical aircraft maintenance documents and technical updates for mechanics
  • Automate app updates, data uploads, OS deployments and/or content delivery completely remote and unattended
  • Schedule content updates for immediate or off-hour delivery


  • Charge & physically secure assets during downtime
  • Manage inventory of various asset types across multiple sites (scanners, readers, portable devices, desktop, printers, etc.)
  • Applicable to any operating system: Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android and Google Chrome


  • Detailed device tracking and usage reports
  • Lock device and request identification for access via key-card or badging
  • Completely remote/offline working capabilities

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