One platform, endless possibilities

From asset management to content deployment – the M3 Platform has your devices covered.

A simple and intuitive platform to manage, secure and update your fleet of devices.

Content Automation

Gain operational efficiency by automating content deployment across your sites worldwide to ensure synchronicity and improve your bottom line.

IT Service Management

Zero-Touch provisioning with outsourced deployment and maintenance of your devices to our team of skilled engineers and IT professionals. 

Risk Management

Physically secure & charge assets during downtime and avoid common human errors by eliminating data after each use with a clean device wipe.

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device readiness

Ensure your team always has access to mission-critical tools remain ready for business.


Ensure your team is operating with the latest documentation by synchronizing time-sensitive content across multiple device fleets. Automated deployment guarantees regulatory compliance across locations worldwide, allowing seamless collaboration and peace of mind.

Versatile compatibility

Compatible with tablets, laptops, or smartphones running Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android, M3 Solutions platform supports all operating systems, facilitating efficient communication and workflow management.

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Zero-touch provisioning

Outsource deployment and maintenance of your devices to our team of skilled engineers and IT professionals.

Operational efficiency

Streamline the RMA process through backend integration for service repair and badging. Maintain battery stability to avoid unnecessary downtime for your mobile device fleets across multiple sites worldwide.

Cost savings

IT costs of managing a network of portable devices can be reduced by up to 80%. Roll out IT requirements faster with no human intervention and reduce the total number of portable devices required in a shared-device environment.

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Control device vulnerability

Physically protect a fleet of devices with a.unified platform to mitigate loss prevention and damage.

Device protection

Meticulously track device fleets and tightly control access through authentication protocols. Availability for check-out is easily managed, the system considers factors such as battery levels and trusted usage patterns. Users benefit from detailed usage reports tailored to their unique profiles, providing comprehensive oversight and accountability for all device activities.

Threat prevention

Ensure data integrity and security by implementing thorough threat prevention measures such as automatic data wipes prior to each use. Benefit from remote troubleshooting, bolstered by offline server access, guaranteeing sensitive environments maintain the highest level of security while facilitating efficient problem resolution.

Customer Story

Reducing turnaround
times for Air Canada

The M3 Platform enables administrators to take full control of their fleet of devices ensuring maintenance engineers have ready-to-use devices at all times.”

Air Canada Management

Air Canada needed a cohesive way to secure, sync, and manage their mobile devices across all their facilities worldwide.

Learn how the M3 Kiosk improved device management, increased worker productivity, and reduced maintenance turnaround times by 20-30 minutes per aircraft.

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