Frequently asked questions

Whether you require a charging solution, inventory management, or content deployment – the M3 Platform has your fleet of devices covered.

What advantages do you offer over a traditional MDM/EMM model?

A traditional MDM/EMM requires human intervention to complete any content synchronization or app/OS update, they are also limited to the type of content managed. With both a hardware and software component, the M3 Platform allows full control of the hardware and complete automation of content synchronization. The Platform is also equipped to handle complex, large data structures and offers management of the hardware itself ie. locking the device in place while synching content ensuring the process is uninterrupted.

What is the scalability of your solution and where do these need to be installed?

The platform is not limited to the number of devices deployed. We have a distributed model that enables very small deployment (10-20 devices) and very large deployment (thousands of devices). The basic building block is an extension for 10 tablets or 6/8 laptops. It can be installed in the hanger or an office environment. We have various packaging scenarios that are flexible to each environment.

Do you offer after sales support?

We have a global support organisation with resources in place to perform both remote and onsite support within the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We are fully geared to address the aggressive SLA (Service Level Agreement) the MRO industry requires.

What are the limitations of devices that the kiosk can support?

The limitation is dictated by the physical dimension of the slot where the device is inserted. We can support a tablet size of 250mm in width and a laptop of 250mm in height. Essentially these dimension enable any common tablet size including the large iPad Pro and Laptop with a 15in screen or smaller.

Can the kiosk be integrated with Active Directory?

We can integrate to backend systems like Active Directory. We also have a user/card management available as part of the solution for faster deployment.

In terms of synchronicity, how long does it take for all the devices within a kiosk to be updated with new tech pubs?

It depends on the number of devices in the kiosk and the size of the tech pub. It may take 1-2 hours or 4-5 hours, but the key aspect is that the kiosk will not allow a check-out of a device that is not updated. The devices are physically locked, so there is full control over what is being checked out. This does not only apply to the technical publications but also to app updates, OS updates or any content synchronization

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